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Out On the Web: Links for April 12

April 12, 2013

TheQuest for the Trinity (Stephen Holmes) Here is some interesting reading for the theologically minded from the past week:

  • Fred Sanders and Matt Jenson (Biola’s Torrey Honors Institute) at The Scriptorium have launched a series in which the two work their way conversationally through Stephen Holmes’ new book The Quest for the Trinity (IVP Academic, 2012).  It’s a significant new release to look at, and I love the dialogical format here.  There are some really great questions and insights in here — including on the relationship of Old Testament exegesis to the patristic doctrine of the Trinity.  Looking forward to more in the series.
  • Matthew Frost at Speaking Freely takes on the question of the place that the Holy Spirit has in the theology of Karl Barth, via an engagement with Robert Jenson’s classic 1993 essay “You Wonder Where the Spirit Went.”
  • Bobby Grow at The Evangelical Calvinist has been working his way through John Webster’s new essay collection The Domain of the Word.  I highly recommend the book, and Bobby has posted and interacted with some excellent quotations to give you a little peek at what’s between the covers.
  • Wheaton College has just completed its annual theology conference. This year’s theme was Christian Political Witness, with speakers including Mark Noll, Peter Leithart, Scot McKnight, Archbishop David Gitari, and Stanley Hauerwas.  If the pattern holds from previous years, look for full videos to be posted soon.  Meanwhile, the citizens at the Wheaton student blog For Christ and His Kingdom have written up a few lecture recaps.
  • Also this week was the annual Society for the Study of Theology (SST) conference in the U.K.  This year’s conference, on a Theology of Education, was held at the University of Nottingham, with plenaries from George Newlands, Laurie Zoloth, David Ford, Mike Higton, and John Swinton.  We may have further coverage of this conference here at Out of Bounds, Stratis-depending.
  • Finally, over at the Center for Barth Studies, Adam Johnson (Cedarville University) reviews Jeremy Wynne’s book Wrath Among the Perfections of God’s Life (based on his Aberdeen dissertation). Johnson concludes that “readers will find in Wynne’s work a compelling example of integrative systematic, historical and biblical studies under the umbrella of a constructive contribution to Christian doctrine, and an argument that will bear substantial fruit in a number of areas beyond the doctrine of divine perfections.”
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