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Free from IJST: Karl Barth on the Extra Calvinisticum

April 13, 2013

IJST CoverIJST is one of the best journals in print today for theologians to be reading. It does require a subscription to access the full text of essays and reviews — but a perhaps little-known fact is that the publisher does offer the previous issue as a free online sample.

That means that my recent essay on Karl Barth’s regard for the classic christological doctrine of the extra Calvinisticum is currently available to download for free. The title is “The Twofold Life of the Word: Karl Barth’s Critical Reception of the Extra Calvinisticum.”  Look for it along with the rest of the Aberdeen-heavy January 2013 issue.

This offer is only good until the summer issue arrives (around July 2013), at which point the spring issue becomes the free sample.


Other highlights from the winter 2013 issue that you can read right now without a subscription:

“The Work of the Trinity and the Knowledge of God in Augustine’s De Trinitate
(Martin Westerholm)

“Christ For Us Today – Promeity in the Christologies of Bonhoeffer and Kierkegaard”
(Philip Ziegler)

“Person and Being: Conversation with T.F. Torrance about the Monarchy of God”
(Benjamin Dean)

“An Assessment of Robert Jenson’s Hermeneutics on Divine Im/Passibility and the Emotions of God”
(John Byung-Tek Song)

There are also several interesting book reviews from this issue, including Kenneth Oakes reading Amy Marga’s Karl Barth’s Dialogue with Catholicism in Göttingen and Münster, and Myk Habets reading Thomas F. Torrance’s Atonement: The Person and Work of Christ.

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