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Looking Forward to AAR 2013

November 13, 2013

It has been two years since I attended the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Religion, so I’m excited to be there in Baltimore in a couple weeks. As an exercise in looking forward to it, here’s a scan of the AAR program book for a few of the papers and panels I’m looking at:


1:30–3:30 – Expolorations in Theology and the Apocalyptic

  • Nathan Kerr, Ry Siggelkow, and Halden Doerge: “Theses on Kingdom-World-Church”

4:00–6:30 – Karl Barth Society of North America:

  • W. Travis McMaken: “A Barthian Case for Infant Baptism”
  • Hanna Reichel: “Karl Barth and the Heidelberg Catechism”


9:00–11:30 – Asian North American Religion, Culture, and Society Group: Re-membering Home: 

  • Justin Tse: “Strategies of Reconciliation: Cantonese Evangelical Ministries to First Nations in Vancouver, British Columbia”

9:00–11:30 – Karl Barth Society of North America: “Ronald F. Thiemann in Memoriam”

1:00–3:30 – Bonhoeffer: Theology and Social Analysis Group: 

  • Nathaniel Lee: “The New Black Ecclesiology: A Bonhoefferian Examination of the Social Imagination in the Collective Work of J. Kameron Carter and Willie J. Jennings”

1:00–3:30 – Ecclesiological Investigations Group: “The Managerial Turn and the Thinning of Denominational Identity”

1:00–3:30 – Theology of Martin Luther King Jr. Group: “Two Score and Ten Years Later – Reflections on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the March on Washington”

4:00–6:30 – Gospel and Our Culture Network: “The Corinthian Correspondence and Missional Praxis”

  • Michael Barram: “Fools for the Sake of Christ”: Missional Hermeneutics and Praxis in the Corinthian Correspondence”
  • Andy Rowell: “The Missional Ecclesiology of First Corinthians 14”
  • Dustin Ellington: “Corinthian Transformation for Mission: Re-Interpreting 2 Corinthians 4”
  • Matthew Forrest Lowe: “’Although We Live in the World…’: The Mission of God and the Mission of Empire in 2 Corinthians 10″
  • Responding: Richard B. Hays

4:00–6:30 – Reformed Theology and History Group: “Sanctified by the Spirit”

6:30–9:00 – Explorations in Theology and Apocalyptic: “Panel on Theodore Jennings’ Outlaw Justice: The Messianic Politics of Paul” 


9:00–11:30 – Christian Systematic Theology Section: “Practices of the Body of Christ”

9:00–11:30 – “Bonhoeffer, Eschatology, and Neuroscience: A Conversation with John de Gruchy about His Book Led into Mystery

  • “Bonhoeffer’s reference in prison to Irenaeus’ doctrine of recapitulation will be placed not only within the wider context of Bonhoeffer’s understanding of the resurrection of Christ, the resurrection of the body, and the promise of new creation but also within the wider context of themes and issues integral to the relationship between science and faith, the God-debate, and Christian humanism.”

 9:00–11:30 – Practical Theology Group: “Theories of Change”

12:00–2:30 – Society for Pentecostal Studies Theme: “Thirty-five Years of The Prophetic Imagination: A Conversation with Walter Brueggeman”

3:00–4:30 – Wildcard Session: “One Church—Holy, Catholic and Apocalyptic (Explorations in Theology and Apocalyptic)”

  • Philip G. Ziegler presiding
  • Susan Eastman: “One Church Apostolic and Apocalyptic?”
  • Ry Siggelkow: “The Transgression of the Integrity of the Church”
  • Joseph L. Mangina: “If It’s a Symbol, to Hell with It: Apocalyptic and Transubstantiation”
  • Chris Huebner: “The Apocalyptic Body of Christ? Reflections on Yoder and Apocalyptic Theology”

3:00–4:30 – Reformed Theology and History Group: “Holy Spirit and Spiritual Practices”

  • Timothy Baylor: “The God of Peace: Spiritual Practices and the Work of the Spirit in John Owen and Karl Barth”

3:00–5:00 – Christian Systematic Theology Section and Animals and Religion Group: “Theology Beyond Humanity: A Conversation on David Clough’s On Animals, Volume I: Systematic Theology

8:00–9:00 – Fortress Press: “Paul and the Faithfulness of God: A Talk by N.T. Wright”

9:00–11:00 – Scottish Universities Reception


9:00–11:30 – Christian Systematic Theology Section: “Unity in Sacrifice: A Panel on Ephraim Radner’s A Brutal Unity

9:00–11:30 – North American Religions Section and Afro-American Religious History Group: “Authors Meet Critics: The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America by Paul Harvey and Edward Blum”

9:00–11:30 – Bonhoeffer: Theology and Social Analysis Group: “Contextualizing Bonhoeffer as Preacher”

  • Jacob Phillips: “The Unceasing: Investigating Bonhoeffer’s 1932 Sermons on Colossians 3:1–4”
  • Jean-Pierre Fortin:  “Understanding as Love: Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Pastoral Theology”
  • Joseph McGarry: “Christ for Us Now and Here: Preaching the Gospel with Dietrich Bonhoeffer”

9:00–11:30 – Evangelical Studies Group and Kierkegaard, Religion, and Culture Group: “Kierkegaard as a Resource for Evangelical Theology”

  • Aaron Edwards: “Life in Kierkegaard’s Imaginary Rural Parish: Preaching, Correctivity and the Gospel”

1:00–3:30 – Evangelical Studies Group: “A Discussion on the Fragmentation of Evangelicalism: Reviewing Ken Collins’s Power, Politics, and the Fragmentation of Evangelicalism: From the Scopes Trial to the Obama Administration

1:00–3:30 – Religion and Popular Culture Group and Religion, Film, and Visual Culture Group: “Morality and Meaning in the Films of the Coen Brothers”

4:00–6:30 – Religion, Holocaust, and Genocide Group: “Is Forgiveness Possible after Genocide?”


9:00–11:30 – Arts, Literature, and Religion Section: “Reflections on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Death of C.S. Lewis”

That’s just the result of a quick scan for familiar names or interesting topics, but we’re sure there’s more–so tell us what we’re missing. We’d love to hear whether you’ll be there, as well as what papers you are anticipating or presenting, so leave a comment and maybe we’ll see you there!



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  1. just me permalink
    November 13, 2013 9:50 pm

    Do you know if any of this will be streaming or if there will be recordings that can be accessed later?

  2. November 13, 2013 11:11 pm

    I think it’s possible that individual sessions may be recorded and proceedings used in that way by their individual coordinators, but I’ve never seen it happen. I wouldn’t expect to find any sessions online.

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