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Advancing Trinitarian Doctrine: The L.A. Theology Conference

November 28, 2013

LATC 2014 (Banner)

If you’re going to be in southern California in mid-January (or can hop a plane and make it happen) I hope you’ll come to the second annual Los Angeles Theology Conference. It takes place on the campus of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena on January 16 and 17 (that’s a Thursday and Friday), with the theme of “Advancing Trinitarian Doctrine.”

Headliners include Lewis Ayres (Durham University), Stephen R. Holmes (St. Andrews), Karen Kilby (Durham), Thomas H. McCall (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), and Fred Sanders (Biola University). Each of them has recently published an important book on trinitarian theology, and the remainder of the conference will be filled out with other nine papers presented in three parallel sessions, and a concluding panel discussion.

If you live west of the Rockies you’re probably aware that there isn’t much of a scene in constructive, doctrinal theology on the West Coast. The L.A. Theology Conference has set out to change that, and I think it’s safe to say that it is already making a name for itself. As a native of the Pacific Northwest it’s great to see such an event on this side of the country, and I’m even happier to be able to participate this year by presenting a paper.

Here’s the full list of papers (plenaries in bold):


Fred Sanders:“What Trinitarian Theology Is For: Placing the Doctrine of the Trinity in Christian Theology and Life”

Breakout Session 1:

      Samuel Powell (Point Loma Nazarene University): “The Procession of the Spirit and the Image of God in Augustine’s Theology”

Kyle Strobel (Grand Canyon University): “The Beauty of the Triune God: A Retrieval”

Jason S. Sexton (Golden Gate Baptist Seminary and USC): “A Confessing Trinitarian Theology for Today’s Mission”

Breakout Session 2:

      Brannon Ellis (InterVarsity Press) “The Spirit of the Father, of Himself God: A Calvinian Approach to the Question of the Filioque”

Kendall Soulen (Wesley Theological Seminary): “The Name above Every Name: The Eternal Identity of the Second Person of the Trinity and the Covenant of Grace”

Awet Andemicael (Lecturer, Yale University): “The Music of God: Toward an Aesthetic Trinitarian Theology”

Stephen R. Holmes: “Trinitarian Action and Inseparable Action”


Thomas McCall: “Trinity Doctrine, Plain and Simple”

Karen Kilby: “Trinity and Politics: An Apophatic Approach”

Breakout Session 3:

      Robert St. Hilaire (Niagara University): “Imitating the Vision of God: Pierre Rousselot on Thomas Aquinas’s Theological Method and Trinitarian Discourse”

Darren O. Sumner (Fuller Seminary Northwest): “Functional Subordination and Eternity: The Father-Son Relation in Karl Barth’s Trinitarian Theology”

Dale Tuggy (SUNY Fredonia): “How to Be a Monotheistic Trinitarian”

Lewis Ayres: “The Life of God and the Christian Life: Thinking into the Mystery”

Learn more and register for the event at

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