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The Karl Barth Timeline

Karl BarthThe following timeline tracks the German and English publication dates for Barth’s major works, as well as significant biographical milestones. Any corrections or important additions are most welcome in the comments section here.

Titles are given in English, of course, even where the volume hasn’t been translated yet. The 1924 dogmatics from Barth’s lectures in Göttingen were published as Unterricht in der christlichen Religion, and the 1927 Münster dogmatics — which Barth famously regarded as a false start (see the Preface to CD I/1) was published as Die christliche Dogmatik im Entwurf.

Also note that Barth’s Dogmatics originated as course lectures, and were in development and presented to students in the years leading up to the publication.

Barth’s birth (May 10 in Basel, Switzerland) 1886
Barth enters parish ministry in Safenwil 1911
Barth marries Nelly Hoffman 1913
Barth’s break with Protestant liberalism 1914-16
Romans (I) 1919
Barth leaves the parish for Göttingen 1921
Lectures on Ephesians 1921-22
Romans (II) 1922 1933
Lectures on John Calvin 1922
The Theology of John Calvin 1922 1995
Lectures on Huldreich Zwingli 1922-23
Lectures on Friedrich Schleiermacher 1923-24
Instruction in the Christian Religion
(The Göttingen Dogmatics)
1924-26 1991 (Vol. I)
The Word of God and the Word of Man 1924 1928
Barth leaves Göttingen for Münster 1925
Lectures on John’s Gospel 1925-26
Christian Dogmatics: Vol. I (Münster) 1927 N/A
Commentary on Philippians 1928 1962
Lectures on Ethics 1928-29
Barth leaves Münster for Bonn 1930
Anselm: Fides Quaerens Intellectum 1931 1960
Church Dogmatics I/1 1932 1936;
retrans. 1975
Theological Existence Today 1933 1933
The Barmen Declaration 1934
Nein! (Pamphlet war with Emil Brunner) 1934 1946
Barth leaves Bonn for Basel 1935
Church Dogmatics I/2 1938 1956
Church Dogmatics II/1 1940 1957
Church Dogmatics II/2 1942 1957
Church Dogmatics III/1 1945 1958
Protestant Theology In the 19th Century 1947 1959
Dogmatics in Outline 1947 1949
Church Dogmatics III/2 1948 1960
Church Dogmatics III/3 1950 1960
Church Dogmatics III/4 1951 1961
Church Dogmatics IV/1 1953 1956
Church Dogmatics IV/2 1955 1958
The Humanity of God 1956 1960
Church Dogmatics IV/3.1 1959 1961
Church Dogmatics IV/3.2 1959 1961
Barth retires from teaching 1962
Barth’s trip to America
(lectures in Chicago, Princeton)
Evangelical Theology 1962 1963
Church Dogmatics IV/4 (Fragments) 1967 1969
Barth’s death (Dec. 10 in Basel, Switzerland) 1968
Ethics (1928-29 lectures) 1981 1981
The Theology of Schleiermacher (1923-24 lectures) 1982
Witness to the Word (1925-26 lectures on John) 1986 1986
The Epistle to the Ephesians (1921-22 lectures) 2017

N/A = Not yet in English

Shored Fragments

Theology in the Far Country

Resident Theology

Theology in the Far Country


Theology in the Far Country

The Fire and the Rose

Theology in the Far Country

Inhabitatio Dei

Jealous is the night when the Morning comes

Faith and Theology

Theology in the Far Country


Theology in the Far Country

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